The Real Estate Clinic

A service to the Collin College community

About Us

The faculty of the real estate program at Collin College have a wealth of experience across our industry. For years, we have been helping fellow faculty, staff and students answer their real estate questions. Now we are introducing the Real Estate Clinic as a central hub for providing you with the real estate information you need and connecting you with the appropriate resources.

Please note that we are not an official program of Collin College. We are licensed professionals who are providing our expertise to members of the College community as a service to that community.

Property Taxes

Are you interested in protesting your property tax valuation and need some advice? Check out this article, and if you need more advice, get in touch with us and we'll talk.

Leasing, Buying or Selling

Do you need advice about a real estate transaction? Curious about prices for homes or apartments? You've come to the right place! Send us a message and we'll help you get the information you are looking for.

Real Estate Services

Our faculty have a wide range of experience across various aspects of real estate. Maybe you have a question about appraisals, or management, or lending. Whatever it is, we're happy to help.

Real Estate Counseling

If there is any other real estate issue you need help with, we've either come across it before, or know someone who can help. Please reach out to us at any time!

Please fill out the intake form so we will have a general idea about your real estate issue and can prepare for an initial discussion.

Now for some disclaimers:

  1. No agency relationship is implied or assumed without the presence of a written agreement to that effect. By filling out this form and having an initial discussion with us, we are not acting as your agent.

  2. Our discussions will remain private unless we are required by law or court order to disclose it.

  3. Participating members of the real estate faculty are acting in their capacity as individual license holders.